Armstrong furnaces heat exchanger

This furnace has high efficiency for saving energy. It is because of the radiator shutters that close during periods of low demand, reducing the need for additional heating.
Heat exchangers are used to transferring thermal energy from one medium to another. It consists of two pipes of different lengths that are connected by a pipe called a “header.”
The heat exchanger Armstrong furnace is the most common type of heating device in homes. This furnace has an air duct at the top and a metal grate at the bottom where air meets coal or wood.
Armstrong furnaces are some of the best residential furnaces in the market. They are the most durable and provide the best heating experience. All models come with a lifetime warranty and some have additional features such as clean burn, condensing technology, and electronic ignition.
This furnace is a split system furnace which means it has two separate parts – an indoor unit that includes all components related to heat production (such as blower, fan, and combustion chamber) and an outdoor unit that is used to transport energy from the furnace to your house. The system is split so you can use either hot water (hydronic) or forced air method for heating your home.

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