Atwood hydro flame furnace thermostat

The Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Thermostat is specifically designed for use with the Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace.

This thermostat is of the type called a “set-back” thermostat. This means that when the furnace goes on, it “sets back” and maintains the temperature at the desired level until a preset time has expired. Then it reverts to normal operation and starts to “challenge” for another period before going into “standby mode” for a pre-programmed duration.

The Atwood hydro flame furnace thermostat is a complete burner management system for coal, oil, and gas.

The need for a furnace thermostat is rather apparent. A furnace regulates the temperature of a house by producing heat. It is necessary to balance the temperature inside and outside while monitoring the humidity levels.

A hydro flame furnace thermostat is a self-contained device that controls the operation of a gas or oil-fired heating appliance. It regulates the input fuel supply and adjusts heat levels automatically, making it flexible and efficient.

It has an adjustable knob on the front panel, which allows users to set the desired temperature. Temperature readings are displayed on a numeric display screen.

This introduction will briefly summarize the product and its benefits. The company that manufactures this product is Atwood Hydro. The flame furnace thermostat is a device that monitors the temperature of the furnace and can be used for gas-fired or electric furnaces.

The Atwood Hydro flame furnace thermostat has many benefits, including keeping your home at a stable temperature, which improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs. It also features an LED display with clear text, enabling you to change settings anytime easily. This device can also be a programmable remote control switch for controlled devices such as water heaters, pools/spas/whirlpools and more.

Atwood hydro flame furnace thermostat is used to regulate a furnace’s temperature. A thermostat is an automatic temperature regulator, usually consisting of a bimetallic strip that reacts to the temperature to open or close contacts, allowing electric current to pass or interrupt it.

The first Atwood hydro flame furnace thermostat was designed by General Electric and was installed in a power plant in New York in 1896.

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