The furnace thermostats green wire

A thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of a room or building, thermostats are most commonly used in domestic and commercial environments. These thermostats were originally mechanical devices which recorded the ambient temperature using mercury and reflected light to show the temperature on the face of a gauge. Digital electronic thermostats probe into the occupied space for air temperature measurement and then use an electric heater or air conditioner to maintain the desired temperature.

The furnace wire is a component that connects with your furnace, it typically has four wires which are coloured red, white, green, and yellow.
If an air conditioner has a green wire, it will be connected to the thermostat. The green wire is used to power the thermostat, not other electrical devices.

When a furnace or AC unit has a green wire and a thermostat, it just means that the thermostat is powered by the furnace or AC unit rather than another power source.
A thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of a room or other area via local or remote control. It may also have means for displaying the temperature to the user.

The furnace thermostats usually come with red, black, yellow and green wires in their package. The red wire is for power, black for heating and blue for cooling. The yellow wire is typically used as a high-limit switch which cuts off power to the furnace when it reaches a certain temperature. The green wire is not used in most systems but can be used to indicate additional zones on the system if necessary.

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