How to jump furnace without a thermostat

This article will provide tips on jumping into a furnace without a thermostat.

1. The first step is to ensure the furnace is turned off and disconnected from any power source.
2. Next, find the manual drain valve for the water in the system – this can be found in various places depending on your system (below ground, above ground, or condensing type).
3. Once you find the valve and are able to disconnect it from the system (or before if you’ve found it), turn off your home’s main water supply valve as well and attach a hose to the drain valve with enough length for drainage outside of your home where there is no chance for freezing.
4. Now that all connections are made, open up one side of your furnace’s access panel and locate the lower-pressure switch

– this will be located near an electrical box with other various wires coming
While it is possible to jump a furnace without a thermostat, it is not usually recommended. If a power outage or another event causes the power to go off, the heat will be lost, and things will quickly get cold.
If someone doesn’t want to install a thermostat, they should at least install a manual switch that can be turned on when necessary. Then they have to remember to turn it off again before they leave.
In the days before thermostats, homeowners often needed to kick the furnace to start it. Here’s how you can do it without a thermostat.

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