The Infinity Furnace Thermostat

This new thermostat needs less power and is more adaptive to the environment. It adjusts the temperature based on your preferences.

The Infinity thermostat​​ is a programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature in your home based on WiFi-connected sensors, such as those from a Nest or Leviton smart plug, that detect motion or occupancy. The goal is to provide an intuitive and efficient experience for users who like to fine-tune their home’s comfort but don’t want to use more energy than necessary. The Infinity supports any HVAC system, so it can be used in both new construction and older homes with existing systems.

Infinity furnace thermostat is a smart product that helps to manage your home’s temperature, helping you enjoy a comfortable environment. It learns your preferences as you use it.

The Infinity Furnace Thermostat is a revolutionary device that provides homeowners unlimited heating and cooling. The thermostat automatically selects the most cost-effective form of heating and cooling, whereas a traditional thermostat relies on manual inputs from the homeowner.

The Infinity Furnace Thermostat provides scheduling, maintenance reminders, and compatibility with web-enabled devices.


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