Instructions for a Honeywell thermostat

This section will cover the instructions and installation of a Honeywell thermostat.

The following instructions are for installing a Honeywell thermostat for heating and cooling systems.

Install the thermostat near your furnace or air conditioner unit somewhere easily visible to you. It is also best if the thermostat has an electrical outlet nearby.

To install your Honeywell digital thermostat:

1) connect wires coming from your system to the terminals on the back of the new thermostat

2) turn off power at the furnace or air conditioning unit and remove old low-voltage wires from terminals on the old thermostat

3) put batteries into new Honeywell digital thermostats, following instructions in their installation manual, and then attach it to the wall with screws

The intuitive touchscreen makes it easy to set up the system and control room temperature.

Honeywell’s Furnace Controller has a sleek, intuitive touchscreen that makes it easy to set up the system and control room temperature. The customizable interface lets you make adjustments with just a few taps.

Honeywell has made videos to help people with their thermostats, but they’re not on YouTube or Facebook.

Honeywell released a series of short instructional videos on Vine to help people with their thermostats. They are designed to be six seconds long and have the same easy-to-follow format as most other Honeywell videos (they call them “simple, step-by-step tutorials”). The idea is that they’ll be easy to understand and watch while you’re doing other tasks, like cooking dinner or taking out the garbage.


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