Ontario furnace venting codes

Ontario furnace venting codes are different for each model and make of furnace.

While this isn’t a question, introducing the topic is still important.

Venting codes are part of the Building Code Act, Ontario Regulation 347/06 and were created to protect humans from unsafe heat and carbon monoxide levels.

The furnace venting code goes into effect with each new building. But it is also important not to confuse them with safety codes.

Ontario is one of the provinces of Canada that come with a myriad of complicated rules and regulations. It also has some specific requirements for furnaces. This article will discuss the furnace venting codes available in Ontario and some safety tips to keep in mind when installing or servicing your furnace.

Ontario is one of the most populous provinces of Canada. See its population density here. With such a large population, Ontario has many regulations and requirements for different sectors – much more than just those related to furnaces!

This article focuses on Ontario’s furnace venting codes and their safety features.

One common question people ask themselves when installing or servicing their furnace is: what are the furnace venting codes in Ontario? To answer this question, we’ll look at some important things you need to know about these codes before doing installation work.

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