Dometic furnace thermostat troubleshooting

You can contact the customer service desk if you’re having difficulty troubleshooting your Dometic furnace. While they will be more than happy to help, there are some helpful things that you can do for yourself before reaching out.

If your furnace has been running too long, even when the air conditioning is going on, check the blower adjustment screw in front of your furnace.

If your blower is not adjusted properly, it will cause your combustion air pipes to run colder since they don’t have as much airflow. This can cause ice buildup in them and lead to a clogged system which leads to the thermostat turning off.

Dometic furnace thermostat troubleshooting usually requires some troubleshooting steps for the user to go through. These steps are typically related to how the device’s current settings may not work properly.

To resolve this, follow these troubleshooting steps:

– Disconnect the furnace from the power source

– Remove all wires connected to the heating unit (the wires attached to the plug on the left side of the unit)

– Make sure that the protective label on the wire coming from the wall outlet is attached correctly

– Turn off the pilot light by turning knob 3/4 turn clockwise, then turn back clockwise 1/4 turn and leave it at that position

Turn on the power switch.

To check if there are any spark gaps in the wiring, use a wire tester and check for proper sparks.

If you still have issues, try replacing the fuse with a new one.

Newer models of thermostats come with an online user guide that is best to use before calling a professional.

Newer models of thermostats come with an online user guide that you can use to troubleshoot the heating system.

Regarding furnace troubleshooting, having a Dometic furnace can be easier and safer than a standard one.


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