Day and night furnace error codes

This section discusses the different furnace error codes and what they mean.

Day and night furnace error codes are one of the most common problems with your day and night furnace. Two types of error codes usually stop the machine from working properly.

These are:

– No Heat – The heating system has stopped working properly

– Heater Error – The heating system is not turned on

Each code is accompanied by specific instructions for how to fix these problems.

Some read error codes on the furnace’s display as a sign of imminent system failure. But they can also be deciphered as codes to help diagnose furnace problems.

The night heater malfunctioned and started to produce a CO alarm.

A typical day-time error code is ‘L’, which stands for low air pressure, and the associated code is ‘E’, which stands for excess air leakage in the blower coils, according to the American Gas Association.

Day and night furnace error codes are written both day and night, so the technician who reads them must be a little more educated.


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