Amana furnace error code 88

Amana furnaces are made for maximum efficiency and reliability. However, occasionally you might have problems with it. This furnace error code is one of them.

The Amana furnace error code 888 indicates that a safety valve has shut down because of excessive pressure in the combustion chamber or a low-pressure drop across the safety vents. This can cause damage to your house in case it is not fixed on time.

A typical human error is a user pressing the wrong button which releases gas. The Amana furnace has a safety switch that prevents a machine from releasing gas due to user error.

The Amana furnace error code 88 is a common one that appears on many furnaces. It can be caused by simple issues like lack of gas pressure or a dirty gas valve.

The Amana furnace error code 88 relates to a faulty circuit board that is causing a malfunction. The circuit board controls coils inside of the furnace which heats up the air to maintain the desired temperature inside of your home. If this doesn’t happen, you may experience issues such as:

-Your fireplace stops working

-Your home heats up too quickly

-Your water heater’s pilot light goes out

-You can feel cool drafts from outside