Amana furnace error codes

Amana is a top name in home appliance production; this is a company that has been around for more than 80 years. Because of what they produce, Amana furnace error codes are now being used on a larger scale than ever before.

In simplest terms, Amana furnace error codes are a series of letters and numbers that indicate the state of an appliance’s operation. The codes can be seen displayed on a small light near appliances. The main purpose of these codes is to help service personnel diagnose and fix problems with an appliance faster and easier.

Amana furnace error codes are a list of numbers and letters which can help identify the exact problem and fix it.

The common causes of Amana furnace error codes are as follows:

1) Defective gas valve

2) Defective igniter

3) Low water supply to the burner

4) Burner outage

5) Faulty sensor or thermocouple in the gas valve

With the increased use of connected devices, it is becoming easier to check Amana furnace error codes.

Amana furnace error codes:

1. F932-F933- F930-F931: Tripping of the “D” space heaters in the furnace has caused a loss of heat to the fuel tanks.

2. F951 -F953: The boiler control board has lost power and is no longer regulating heat output from the boiler.

3. F952 -F954: There is an obstruction in the burner’s flame tube, causing it to overheat and shut down automatically due to safety reasons

4. F961 -F962: A fire occurred in the heating chamber, causing smoke to fill up the combustion chambers