Arcoaire Furnace Error Codes: What They Mean and How to Fix Them

When you own a home, it’s almost guaranteed that your furnace will break at some point. Unless your home is brand new, the chances are there will be problems sooner or later. When this happens, you need to know what the various error codes mean and how to fix them. If your furnace has an arcoaire furnace error code and you aren’t sure what to do, read on for more information. Arcoaire furnaces are one of the most common types of furnaces in homes today. They are also cost-effective and offer efficiency in many different areas of their design and functionality. However, even with all of their benefits, these units can have issues from time to time because they have moving parts. In the article below we’ll help you understand the meaning and repair process for that error code if you have an Arcoaire Furnace at home or work!

Error Code 5

Error code 5 is an error code that indicates the filter is clogged. This can happen from time to time, but you can usually clean it out. However, if this is a consistent problem, you might want to replace the filter with a more efficient one. When a furnace has a clogged filter, it cannot provide clean air because it cannot filter out any impurities in the air. This can be harmful to your family and even cause them to experience a lack of oxygen if the issue is not addressed quickly.

Error Code 10

The error code 10 is a thermostat issue. It means that the thermostat has been turned off and cannot be reset. If you have this issue, you will need to shut the power off to the furnace and replace the thermostat. When the furnace is powered back up, the system will reset itself and start the program from scratch. You may also want to have an HVAC specialist check the system to make sure that there are no other issues.

Error Code 20

The error code 20 means that the furnace is out of gas. This could be due to several reasons. If it is an issue with the line or the tank, a plumber or HVAC technician will need to come out to fix the problem. If it is just a malfunction of the pump, you can manually turn the system off and then on again. You will want to check the pressure on each line and ensure that it is above zero.

Error Code 23

The error code 23 means that the burner assembly is not working. There may be clogs in the burner or other issues with the assembly that is preventing the burner from working. If the problem does not go away, you will need to contact an HVAC technician. They can determine the type of problem you have and then fix it for you. If the problem is a clog, you may be able to clean it out depending on how severe it is.

Error Code 24

The error code 24 is a sensor issue. If you have this error code, it means that the sensor for the system has been tripped. This could be because of a malfunction or the filter being clogged. If you can clean the filter, you should be able to reset the system without having to reset the furnace.

Error Code 25

The error code 25 means that the air pressure is below 10 psi. This is a sign that something is wrong with the system. You will want to shut the system off and then manually turn it back on again. You can also check the pressure in the lines to make sure that they are above zero. If they aren’t, you’ll need to have a professional come out to your home.


When it comes to the arcoaire furnace error code and other issues related, you must approach them with knowledge and understanding. This will help you to identify the problem and solve it much quicker. Once you understand the problem, it becomes much easier to approach it. Furthermore, it is also important that you are proactive about maintaining your furnace and getting regular tune-ups. This will help to prevent small issues from becoming more serious and costly.