Armstrong 100 furnace

The Armstrong 100 is a gas furnace, perfect for heating the home. It’s been around since 1978 and has been one of the market’s most popular and enduring furnaces.

Some of the benefits include:

Effectively heats all rooms in the home with no cross-ventilation or other problems

Economical alternative to electric heating

It may be installed as a replacement for an existing burner or insert-style heater

Low noise levels

The Armstrong 100 furnace is a high-efficiency space and water-saving, remotely monitored coal-fired fire. It includes stainless steel burners and an air wash system that cleans the air passing through the furnace.

The Armstrong 100 furnace is a high-quality product that has been awarded several industry recognitions, such as the “Better Business Bureau Wise Buying Guide” and “Excellence in Heat Recovery Award,” as well as multiple awards from leading publications.

Armstrong 100 furnaces are available in three sizes without sacrificing heating performance. The 100-ton furnaces are efficient and durable, thanks to their construction of stainless steel with a ceramic coating.

This furnace is used primarily for industrial needs but is also perfect for residential use. It features two different heating modes: high-temp and low-temp. These two options give you much flexibility when deciding how to heat your home.

Armstrong 100 furnaces are highly efficient, using one ton of fuel per hour and eliminating up to 2 tons of CO2 emissions every year compared with conventional models. They also feature a shut-off safety system that automatically shuts the unit off if anything goes wrong during the operation.

Clean energy is the future, so let’s do our part and stop using our fossil fuels for now!

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