Armstrong furnace 2 stage

Armstrong furnaces are installed in a 2 stage setup. The first stage is the preheat, where the gas or steam is heated from a small burner to reach a higher temperature so that it can be used efficiently in the second stage.

Armstrong furnace preheat comes with two advantages: better efficiency and enhanced combustion.

The first advantage of warming up the intake air by using a pre-heater is that it allows for higher heat transfer efficiency at the combustion zone. This is due to less heat loss through convection and radiation during this process. It also reduces thermal lag, which has been found to impact fuel usage across all turbines in an overall plant operation.

The armstrong furnace 2 stage is a modern model with digital controls and a wireless remote.

The armstrong furnace’s two stages will help reduce the time needed to replace your old, inefficient models. You no longer need to get on your hands and knees or crawl around in the basement to change out your old furnace.

This new modern furnace is innovated with digital controls that let you monitor the unit remotely via a smartphone or tablet app.

The armstrong furnace 2 stage is a two-stage high-efficiency natural gas heating system with a maximum heat output of 57000 Btu per hour. The unit can be installed in any standard, single-family dwelling fueled by natural gas.

The armstrong furnace two stages are the perfect option for homeowners who want modern, efficient heating solutions that do not require an annual service call. It provides more energy savings than any other heating system today and has low operating costs.

Armstrong furnaces are designed to save the homeowner money with easy-to-use features that offer up to 65% fuel cost savings over time.

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