Armstrong furnace nomenclature

The furnace is the most important part of any heating system. It provides warmth and comfort to all those who live inside. It is vital, therefore, that you know how to identify different components of the furnace before reporting any issues with it to a professional.

The system is a safe, clean, and efficient method for transferring heat from a fuel-burning process to water and producing steam. The system is divided into three main parts: the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger or boiler, and the steam generator.

The heat exchanger or boiler is an integral component of the system because it allows for the indirect heating of water using fuel thermal energy. It contains pipes that are inside as well as outside of it.

An Armstrong furnace is a type of boiler. It is a cast-iron water heater with two separate chambers, an outer firebox, and an inner water jacket.

The firebox has an airtight door, which allows the coal to be loaded and reloaded without opening the furnace. The inner chamber has a cylindrical water tank, which provides heat to the house’s radiators by way of pipes that connect to individual rooms.

An Armstrong furnace uses a fire grate to produce direct flame contact with coal in order to heat up the coal and increase its temperature.

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