Armstrong furnace pressure switch

Armstrong furnace pressure switch is an automatic pressure switch for your furnace and boiler. The mechanism uses a sophisticated pressure signal to cut off and restart the burner automatically as needed.

Armstrong has quickly become known as the industry leader in providing reliable and responsive products to its customers. Armstrong furnace pressure switches are a type of switch that is used to control the release of refrigerant from an appliance.

When refrigerant is released, it is then forced out through the arm pressure switch. This valve can be either an electromagnetic or pneumatic type, as well as either manual or automatic.

Armstrong furnace pressure switches come in a wide variety of types and sizes. They can be used to control air, gas, water, or steam appliances. Some models also have dual-function capabilities where they serve both the dew point and suction valve functions while others have pre-set options with specific applications like heating and cooling systems.

The Armstrong furnace pressure switch is designed to turn off the furnace before the pressure reaches too high, protecting it from getting damaged or causing a fire.

The Armstrong furnace pressure switch has a life of 10 years and can stay on for hours when power is off. It has the ability to cut your energy bill in half.

Armstrong offers a wide range of consumer and commercial products including furnaces, boilers, fans, and heaters that are energy-efficient and durable.

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