Armstrong furnace trouble codes

It is important for any homeowner to know what their furnace trouble codes mean so they can address them and be able to troubleshoot the issues.

Armstrong customer service assists with troubleshooting, ordering parts, and other related topics.

You have an armstrong furnace installed in your home. If you have trouble with the code, it’s worth knowing there are ways to find the code set for your furnace and fix it accordingly.

Armstrong furnaces are common appliances found in every home today. They don’t come with a manual, so if you’re unfamiliar with their troubleshooting process, you’ll want to learn immediately. The following steps will provide easy ways of finding the code set for your furnace without replacing parts or checking into a dealership.

It’s also important to note that the codes may not be accurate if they recommend replacing parts on your furnace since they use generic codes instead of individual models like yours. It’s recommended to keep this in mind when working with these codes and using them as a guide only.

For every furnace problem, there are codes, also called trouble codes. These codes are usually numerical values that communicate the nature of a malfunction. Here is a list of some common armstrong furnace trouble codes you might encounter and what they mean.

Could not complete diagnostic self-test: This code indicates that the furnace cannot complete its self-test successfully. This could be due to several issues, including system errors and communications failures between the furnace and the microcontroller or sensor board.

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