Armstrong furnaces lockout due to no ignition

Armstrong furnaces are some of the most reliable furnaces on the market. So when an Armstrong furnace will not turn on, it is a very frustrating and inconvenient experience.

Armstrong furnaces are designed to provide a comfortable amount of heat for your home even if there is no power. They were designed to work in just about any power outage scenario as well as other common heating needs such as space heating and hot water production.

Armstrong furnaces have been a popular choice for decades because of their reliability and the availability of parts. The company has always tried to innovate by designing new heating systems and developing new products. A few months ago, the company released an updated model that was designed to be even more energy efficient.

However, this newer model had a problem with the ignition module which would cause it to lock out when there is no flame. This issue is quite common with this type of system because there are many sensors and modules that can stop working, which can cause a furnace lockout due to no ignition.

If you are experiencing such an issue with your Armstrong furnace, it might be caused by the incorrect wiring or installation of your system.

The two most common causes of an Armstrong furnace lockout due to no ignition, are a low or empty gas tank or incorrectly wired electrical connection. If the system is wired incorrectly and there is a power outage, the pilot light may never ignite. This can happen because the switch that operates it may not have been flipped on after installation.

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