Armstrong Manufacturing

Richard Armstrong Manufacturing Company (Armstrong) is a manufacturer of residential gas furnaces and central heating products that provides their customers with a variety of light codes to help them diagnose their furnaces.
Armstrong furnaces use two different light codes for diagnosis purposes. The first code, “L-0” or “L-1” on the top row, shows which burner is incompletely firing. The second code, “R-0” or “R-1” on the middle row, indicates which burner needs to be turned up in order to complete combustion.
Armstrong furnaces are manufactured by one of America’s oldest and most respected heating and cooling companies, Armstrong World Industries. The company makes furnaces for use in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

There are many features of the furnace that contribute to how it operates, including the blower motor fan, thermostat, and thermostat sensor. The thermostat sensor is a thermometer that measures the temperature in your home’s furnace chamber to make sure it is between 64 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It sends this information back to the controller through a wire that plugs into the wiring terminals box inside the furnace cabinet. Furnaces that use the Armstrong thermostat can have light codes to help identify a problem.


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