Armstrong ultra sx 90 furnace parts diagram

This Arm&s pneumatic air-operated furnace offers the power of even higher temperature in a small package. This means you can expect fast and more efficient heating that saves money on your energy bills.

This furnace design is one of the most reliable furnace designs available. It features a three-way airflow and high efficiency, delivering up to 99% AFUE with an expected lifespan of up to 50 years.

This section will cover the parts of an armstrong ultra sx 90 furnaces. This is one of residential and commercial buildings’ most commonly used furnaces.

The armstrong ultra sx 90 furnace comprises of a combustion chamber, blower motor and igniter box. The combustion chamber is the main unit where heat generated by the fuel is converted into usable thermal energy. The blower motor and igniter box circulate the air in your home or office.

Armstrong uses a 4-stage flame sensor to detect whether flames are present or not. As long as there are flames present, it will automatically turn on the ignition mode to start up its ignition process automatically.

The following is a part diagram used by the armstrong ultra sx 90 furnace.

The following parts are included in the furnace:

– A burner that runs on natural gas or propane must be placed at the bottom of the furnace.

– Electric control panel with a digital programmable thermostat, which helps to maintain temperatures

– Heat exchanger and air intake filters.

– Ventilation blower motor and exhaust fan with damper.

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