Best oil furnace brands


Several well-regarded brands manufacture high-quality oil furnaces. Here are some of the best oil furnace brands based on their reputation, customer satisfaction, and overall performance:

  1. Carrier: Carrier is a leading brand in the HVAC industry and offers a range of oil furnaces that are efficient and reliable.
  2. Lennox: Lennox is another top brand that offers a range of high-efficiency oil furnaces with advanced features.
  3. Trane: Trane is known for its durable and efficient oil furnaces that provide consistent heating throughout the winter.
  4. Rheem: Rheem offers a range of oil furnaces that are both energy-efficient and reliable.
  5. Bryant: Bryant is a well-known brand that offers oil furnaces with high AFUE ratings, making them very efficient.
  6. Goodman: Goodman offers a range of affordable oil furnaces that are reliable and efficient, with a reputation for excellent customer service.
  7. Thermo Pride: Thermo Pride is a lesser-known brand but offers some of the most efficient and durable oil furnaces.

It’s important to note that choosing the right brand is just one factor to consider when selecting an oil furnace. When deciding, you should also consider your home’s size, budget, and other factors. It’s always a good idea to consult a qualified HVAC professional to help you choose the best oil furnace.