bosch boiler error 78

When you open your bosch boiler’s manual, you will find out that the error codes are very easy to understand and look for.

This article will provide some steps that can be taken to resolve this issue. Firstly, all gas will need to be turned off, or else the valves could potentially be damaged. The pilot tube cap can then be unscrewed and hot water and steam should be drained away due to the temperature difference. Then the heating pipes should also need to be drained of any water remaining if deemed unsafe. The boiler may then need flushing with a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% lukewarm water from a faucet on high pressure for about 15 minutes after which all connections can be checked for leaks.

One can find the Bosch Error Code 78 for the pressure regulator valve. There is a specific procedure one should follow to reset this valve and most of it is shown below:

1. Ensure to shut down power and supply pipes before continuing with this process.

2. Remove the pressure gauge from PSG, measure pressure, and record the value on MG. Current reading and differential should be noted as well.

3. They should release medium pressure in MSR upright by turning anticlockwise and release low pressure in RSG upright or lefty loosey using a medium setting on the right-hand knob simultaneously before turning anti-clockwise, open the MSR valve on occasion to release all of the gas left inside

4. Retighten both right-hand knobs when necessary then delay 1 minute to allow all 3 components

– thermodynamic vapor separator (TVS), main stage regulator (MSR), and residual sell regulator (RSG)

– to be pressurized together at 60 psi

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