bosch boiler error 79

Bosch is known for their durable and lot efficient products. But there might be an instance wherein the user of Bosch products encounters a typical issue, error code 79.

Bosch Company is mainly involved in electrical and biomedical engineering and is one of the largest multinational companies in the world. Bosch produces a wide range of domestic appliances for homeowners.

There are several reasons why the error might have happened. The most common cases are a damaged part of wiring or when something has jammed the pipe leading to the chimney and dirt accumulates on the bottom side of the boiler heat exchanger, causing conditions unsuitable for burner operation.

Since this error emerges as a result of possible damage to components inside your boiler, it can be solved by checking out if there has been any external interference with it (e.g., mechanical forces) but that’s not always true as some owners mention that they managed to fix their bosch boiler just by resetting it.

Some of the typical boiler error codes that you may encounter when using Bosch boilers are 79. We can assure you that whether these errors show up during installation or run, they are not anything to be alarmed about.

Error 79 occurs when the smoke sensor detects that unburned gas particles have been released into the atmosphere—for instance, because the flue manifold pipe has several leaks in it.

Bosch Boilers are showcased to be the top brass when it comes to heating systems. Their products cut all the hassle of specifically boiling water and you can enjoy limitless hot water with the help of tank heaters.

Bosch has fought off a protest by discontinuing their Gas Fired Condensing Boiler, replacing them with electric models.

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