bosch furnace error 98

The Bosch furnace error 98 is a common issue that arises when there’s an overheating problem with the thermopile. When this happens, it will not switch off even if it receives a signal to do so. This is because it has been triggered into alarm mode, which will continuously monitor for more temperature changes.

It sounds like what you need to do is turn off your thermostat and wait to see if this fixes your problem. If not, then you should call a repairman straight away as there may be another possible issue at play here.

In many cases, once power has been turned off and then back on again the fault will go away and everything should function as it normally would from then on out.

A furnace with this error code is not going to work, which is why it must be repaired or replaced.

A few common causes of this error code are:

-The thermostat isn’t set to at least the set point.

-There’s a problem with the blower fan or the airflow in the ducting system.

-The furnace isn’t getting power from its breaker box.

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