Bryant furnace error codes 13

We all know how frustrating it is when your heating system doesn’t work properly. And you need to know where the problem is in order to fix it!

Bryant furnace error codes are used to identify and diagnose various problems. Here is a list of Bryant furnace error codes:





I02-I04, I05-I08, I10-I12:

Since the furnace has been installed in their home, John and Mary Bryant have had to deal with Bryant furnace error code 13 a few times before. However, this time it seemed that the code continued to persist for a long period of time.

The Bryant family called up their heating contractor and provided them with the Bryant furnace error code 13. The contractor suggested they call an electrician to take a look at the electrical wiring as they might have a bad connection somewhere in their house.

Bryant’s liquid fuel furnaces are equipped with a unique feature, the Bryant Heat Exchanger Test Log. You can view your furnace’s error codes and the dates they occurred.

Since gas furnaces are no longer used in most households, you may not know what these error codes mean. Though if you have a gas furnace that is experiencing difficulties, it would be helpful to know what the error code means.

Enclosed is a table with major and minor errors for all of Bryant’s furnace models that use liquid fuel as their heating source.