Carrier furnace error 42

The Carrier furnace error 42 is a diagnostic code that appears when the factory default for the electronic control board is set to error. When this happens, the ignition system shuts down and cannot be turned on.

Carrier furnaces are not the only type of furnaces out there. Garage, electric and oil furnaces also have similar error codes.

42 is the most common code that Carrier furnaces produce. If you are experiencing this error code and want to learn more about it or what to do, you can read on in this article

Carrier furnace error 42 is a code that indicates the “main control board” has been reset. A reset may be caused by a power outage, improper startup, or other problems with the furnace.

Carrier furnaces rely on their main control board to regulate heat output and ensure an even temperature distribution throughout the home. This process can be affected by power issues or a variety of other problems that cause an error code like Carrier furnace error 42 to appear.

Carrier furnace error 42 is a condition in which the furnace has not turned off and is still running. Carriers can make this error happen by the compressor shutting off before the burners complete their cycles. This happens when both air and oil pipes are connected to each other.

This has been a growing trend over the past few years because many manufacturers have changed their designs this way to improve efficiency.