code 4 on Goodman furnace

Goodman furnaces are fairly popular, but they can have some common problems. This article will discuss the code 4 error and what it means when it occurs.

A code 4 error on the Goodman furnace is a problem that happens when the cooling fan cannot be turned on. Oftentimes, this problem is caused by a faulty fan relay or an open circuit in the heating and cooling system’s wiring.

Code 4 on the Goodman furnace usually involves a dirty condenser.

The Goodman Code 4 is a fault code that indicates that there’s been a change in the refrigerant flow. Code 4 could have to do with a dirty condenser.

In Goodman furnaces, a code 4 may occur when the coolant water supply is not open or when a loose wire goes to the sensor.

To fix this problem, you must first find out where the coolant water supply comes from. If it comes from the return pipe, you may need to tighten your fitting. If it comes from the evaporator head, check that you haven’t stripped your threads and reconnected them.

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