The clean flame sensor of Armstrong furnace

The flame sensor is an important feature of a furnace. It detects the presence of a flame and signals the furnace to turn on or off.
The flame sensor should be cleaned periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly. The process is simple and easy.
1) Turn off the power to your furnace at the breaker box, then open a window for ventilation.
2) Disconnect the wires from both ends of the flame sensor assembly, using wire cutters or pliers if necessary, so that you can access it without obstruction from other components.
3) Remove any debris from around and under the sensor with a paintbrush or vacuum cleaner brush attachment, then use compressed air to blow away any dust or cobwebs you find in its area of installation:4) If there are gaps around the edges of your furnace door opening into which dust can enter after being swept out by air pressure: – seal them with silicone caulking – seal them with putty –

Flame sensors are what control the operation of a thermostat. Most often, they are located near the furnace.
This article will give you the instructions on how to clean your flame sensor on an Armstrong furnace.
1. The first step is to turn off your power at the breaker box or by flipping a switch on the panel inside your house.
2. Once you have turned off the power, you can remove the cover from your furnace and locate the sensor, which will be either at or near where it connects to an electrical outlet on the side of your furnace case
3. Now for this part you will either have to unscrew or just pop out a small plastic cover that is covering it, with care so as not to break anything
4. You can now reach in and clean out any dirt buildup around it
5 . If there’s no dirt buildup around it then there may be something blocking its movement and preventing it from seeing all of what’s
The flame sensor is a very important part of the Armstrong furnace. It’s a small device that helps the furnace know whether or not the fire is burning well. Without a flame sensor, the furnace cannot run continuously and could cause serious damage to itself and to other parts of your HVAC system.

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