furnace error code 4 flashes

As you can see, there is a furnace error flashing 3 times. This means the furnace has detected a problem and it will not work until the error is fixed. The error code for this specific issue is 793.

The furnace error flashes three times and the fan stops. This can be an indication of one of these issues:

1. The fan is not working properly

2. The thermostat is not set to the correct temperature

3. There is a general problem with the furnace or boiler system

Furnace error flashes 3 times and the fan stops

The furnace error flashes 3 times.

There are a few things to check if your furnace is malfunctioning. Make sure that the furnace is still plugged in and that it’s not already on. If it’s already on, test the electric outlet with a voltmeter to make sure it has enough electricity. If there’s a circuit breaker or fuse box near the furnace, try replacing them to make sure they are not burnt out.