furnace error code 88

The furnace error code 88 is a rare error and potentially dangerous malfunction in a furnace. This signifies that the combustion and heat exchange has broken down because of clogged doorways or fireboxes.

If you are encountering this error, it’s important to act quickly and take the following steps: Contact your heating mechanic, call the emergency number of your local utility company, contact your electricity provider or consult an electrician.

Furnace Error Code 88 – definition: The furnace error code 88 is one of the more difficult furnace errors to diagnose because it is vague and broad in nature. This particular code can be presented on a digital readout or on a traditional manual readout from the control panel of your furnace. It happens when there are blockages in the flue gas exit at a high temperature

A furnace error code 88 is a very serious issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. But what does this code mean?

This code is different for each type of furnace, but most often the codes are related to problems with the heat exchanger. When you receive a furnace error code, it’s time to call an expert to make sure your furnace isn’t leaking or experiencing other major problems.

The best way to discuss this type of problem with someone on the phone is to get an appointment with a heating professional near you.

There are many different types of furnace error codes. Code 88 is one among them and it mainly means that the furnace is overheating when triggered by any piece of equipment such as pumps or fans.

In a lot of cases, this error code can be caused when water gets into the burner tubes or a defective ignitor is installed. It’s also possible that a faulty gas valve, high-pressure switch, or low-pressure switch might also trigger this code for furnace error code 88.

It’s not good to ignore this kind of error because it can cause serious damage to the entire boiler system and lead to explosion if ignored for too long.