furnace error light

The furnace error light is a safety feature of modern furnaces that lights up when there’s a problem with the heating system. The light goes out only when the issue is resolved.

The furnace error light has become more than a way of informing you that something is wrong and it enables people to diagnose future problems before they arise.

When your furnace does not light up, but still shows the error light, you need to know what is wrong.

If the error code is “F5”, it means that something has been tripped and needs a reset. Click on your furnace error light and hold down the button. Do not release until you see “F5” flash across your screen. This will reset your furnace and make it operational again.

The most common causes of F5 errors are blocked flue pipe, sensor problems, or other failures within the control panel of your furnace.

The furnace error light is a warning device for when a furnace is in need of repair. It will turn on if the furnace detects any abnormal conditions.

Furnace Error Light:

The Error light on your furnace should turn on when there are failures in the burner coil and/or the ignition system. When this happens, the system will operate with reduced efficiency and may even fail to heat at all. Examine your logs to determine whether an error light has turned on recently and schedule service as needed