Heil furnace flame sensor location

As the furnace runs it will continually adjust the flow of gas to keep the flame at a constant height. The height of the flame is where we measure the temperature. When temperature goes too high, the flame sensor will turn off all fuel to the burner. A bad or dirty flame sensor will cause a problem with this and cause either an overheat or under heat condition.

The part about Heil furnace flame sensor location is crucial for safety as it monitors temperatures to ensure that there are no fires in your house, but also for comfort as if it does not work properly and you have a dissatisfaction with how warm your home feels then you might want to check this first on your list of potential problems.

The flame sensor is located one inch from the burner tube. It measures the heat radiated from the burner flame, and when this heats up to a certain level, it will shut off the fuel supply to prevent overheating.

The Heil flame sensor is a device used to detect the presence of flame in the furnace. Generally, it is placed in the duct between the furnace and the flue. The sensor should be located downstream of any dust accumulation or air filtration arrangement, as these may interfere with its operation.

It is also possible to install more than one Heil flame sensor in series, with one attached upstream and one attached downstream of a filter device. This way, if either fails, it will trip an alarm before damage can occur.