Furnace thermostat error f1


Our furnace thermostat will display a harmless error code whenever its internal computer needs to do some routine maintenance but is unable to do so.

This can be avoided in most cases with a simple reset of the thermostat. You would first press the ‘Just Now’ or ‘Next Heating Weekend’ button, then you would hold the shutter button down and turn it off by rotating it to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 Celsius) in steps. It should then display a ‘Logo’ screen, which confirms that the thermostat has been reset successfully and is now ready to control your home’s temperature via central heating.

Eventually, this annoying error might go away entirely if maintained properly and not due to any problems with our furnace information processing systems or water sensors.

Heating and cooling system malfunctions can lead to increased costs for heating, air conditioning, and water heating. Moreover, a malfunctioning furnace does not maintain a normal indoor temperature.

A furnace has an electric intake frame attached to the floor. Its temperature sensing element identifies whether you need an increase in heat or a decrease in heat by adapting to the room temp. Once it enters standby mode it rests until noticing there is an excessive heating or cooling need that is out of balance in your house and then reactivates back into auto mode until the change of seasons stops for outside temps.

Did you know that furnace thermostat error f1 is not the only furnace icon you might see? There’s a list down below of what it might be and what the error code stands for.

-Error-Otp: This one is when the system has determined that unauthorized access of the Off Therm Primary heating loop has been attempted.

-2-00-E0: This one means that input received from the urn ON stator for the secondary air control relay to Open Sensitivity is out of acceptable range.