The furnace thermostat error goes blank


furnace thermostat error

Introduction: A furnace thermostat is an electronic device that senses the temperature inside a building and turns the heating equipment on and off by turning on the indoor furnaces only when needed. If there is no power, the gas fireplace or central heating unit will not go on.


A furnace goes blank when electrons are no longer flowing around the system. In simpler words, it stops working because of many reasons including broken wires and burned-out controls, circuit board damage, and defective or bad connections that stop electricity from transferring correctly.

The article brings up that a heat pump is especially likely to show this error because the air handler in it will routinely cycle off and on, because of the automatic sensing.

Some homeowners use the thermostat to adjust heating and cooling to drop the temperature by one or two degrees at a set point in time.

If there’s an error and the thermostat goes blank, turn off the switch power supply, remove the power plug from the wall socket and wait for 10-12 minutes. The unplugging of the harness restores refrigerant pressure which helps to extinguish any burner that is misfiring or not working anymore.

The error code will appear on the screen for about 5 seconds after pressing the RUN CONDITIONER button. If in freezer mode during defrosting it will show F1 as a result of an error occurring during the coil defrosting period The message ‘Please input indoor/outdoor temperature’ is shown if opposite terminals should be swapped over: plugs TX and MTX.