Furnace thermostat error JG


When your furnace is experiencing problems you may depend on some furnace error messages to let you know what the problem is. This article provides simplified explanations for common fault codes associated with a model of a Janitrol gas furnace.

To diagnose and repair your gas furnace, you will need to read each fault code and its corresponding message. Once an error is identified, refer to the troubleshooting guide to properly fix the problem with the central heating system.

The furnace not turning on is a common problem with furnaces and even though it is a simple fix, about 80% of the time, there’s just one thing that can go wrong – your thermostat.

Freexair Hirsch explained what could be the culprit for this error:

– A wire can come loose from a terminal, connector, or connector terminal; cord or cable from the unit, transformer, or furnace controller

– Wrong voltage input

– Faulty temperature sensor

Check if you have electricity at the plug. Power plugs that are plugged in but not plugged into an outlet will often time act like they are not getting engaged with the lock mechanism / are locked even though they are not, and pulling them out and then plugging them back in again will usually help.