Furnace thermostat error keeps running


Some people may simply think that their furnace was not turned on, yet it can be a lot more serious. A faulty thermostat setting can lead to inaccurate temperature readings, and cause any desired temperature reading to never be reached in the home. We must make sure there isn’t an underlying problem before attributing it to our system malfunctioning or an electrical power outage.

A range of situations such as incorrect thermostat calibration, a thermostat or electric wire under insulation damage, and inoperable contacts on the electric switch contribute to possible problems for the furnace not functioning correctly.

Once you fully comprehend what is wrong with your system, only then should you contact your heating contractor to set up an appointment for professional installation services.

Some furnaces today use a digital thermostat to regulate the temperature of the furnace. Some furnaces today still use what is known as a bi-metal strip thermostat.

The most common reason for a furnace error that causes the furnace to keep running is because there is an error with the wires on the bi-metal strip or with the plug leading from inside to outside furnishings. One’s best bet would be to have a technician professionally check and make the day for these errors.

The fault was the furnace thermostat, which controls the room temperature.

The problem my client was experiencing was that his furnace thermometer was not turning off.

When looked in person, he found there is a relay board near the furnace that controlled the plug which then ran to his furnace thermostat.

Upon closer inspection, it seems as though there should be some insulation missing on one of the connections at this board which caused an instant short when powering on the furnace fan unit before shutting it back off.

My client’s intern promptly replaced this and he has not had any issues with his furnace running too hot since.