Furnace thermostat error location


The normal location of the thermostat on an electric furnace is in the basement and near the fan blower compartment. If you have checked other locations, but do not see evidence of an air supply or no blower running, that means either you need a new thermostat or something is blocking its operation.

Where is the furnace thermostat located?

Some people know where their thermostat is but are not certain mention the following places to find it:

– near an air return.

– in an unoccupied room like an extra bedroom.

– on one box unit wall inside its garage.

– the middle level of the house, halfway (downstairs).

The location of these errors is dependent on the model of the furnace.

Air Furnaces: Burners – air valve, air zones, and pressure regulator

Liquid/Tank furnaces: LP gas valve, gas control circuit boards (on electric units), venturi burner (on some propane units)

No pilot flame or blown fuses: pilot valve or sensors

Damaged construction: draft hoods

HVAC wiring installation issue

One reason for the check-out furnace thermostat error code could be that your furnace thermostat has gone bad. The thermostat might have burnt out, which you can check by examining it for signs of scorching or browning, or it might just need new batteries.

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There is something about furnaces that only goes wrong when you’re cold, which can throw off even the most skilled experts. Understanding furnace thermostat error locations means that you can quickly identify the problem so you can choose to turn it off – or call for more information.

Furnace thermostat error locations are often placed near the transformer stack to keep the fire and power cables away from each other. If dials on the furnace thermostat face left or right without an arrow pointing up, then there’s an issue with the insulation board. It’s best to consult a professional when you notice any of these problems.

Understanding how and where these installation errors occur will help homeowners quickly identify a problem and get repaired before things like pipes burst or another emergency arises during cold weather season.

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