Furnace thermostat error module


Troubleshooting a furnace thermostat can be tricky, so having some inside knowledge helps.

The furnace thermostat may have an error module. Different brands install algorithm boards with formulas to deduce the type of error as well as possible solutions to jump-start the thermostat.

The solution can also be quicker if you first use the instructions for anything more than a five-degree deviation from what’s set on the thermostat, then use this troubleshooting guide if those instructions fail.

Input ways

Failure to select option 1

A furnace’s error module is what shuts off the furnace to protect it from overtemperature conditions. When this module becomes defective or malfunctions, it can lead to slow heat output or lower temperature levels than what is preset on the thermostat. If a homeowner realizes this and replaces the error module in their furnace, they can expect heating levels to be restored.

Error modules are mainly seen as one of the most life-threatening aspects of service on a furnace because they have an immense impact on the functionality or usability of a home’s heating system if they fail to perform their job properly.