Goodman furnace 4 blinking red lights

There is a problem with the furnace if it has 4 blinking red lights. This usually indicates that there is a problem with the gas valve as well as the flame sensor. You can reset these by unplugging the furnace, waiting 10 minutes, and then plugging it back in.

Goodman furnaces are very sensitive to the correct voltage to operate. When there is a drop in power, or when the furnace does not shut off after a set period, it will turn on and stay on for an hour before shutting off again.

If your Goodman Furnace is displaying four blinking red lights:

-Verify that your home’s circuit breaker has not tripped.

-Check to see if your furnace’s disconnect switch tripped.

-Check to make sure that the pressure switch is working properly by following these steps:

Typically, three things can cause this type of red light to blink on a Goodman furnace. These include a bad circuit board, a bad heating element and a bad transformer. This blinking light usually indicates that one of these tasks needs to be replaced for the furnace to function properly again.

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