Goodman furnace amber light

In this article, you will learn about the goodman furnace amber light.

What does the goodman furnace amber light mean?

The furnace’s light turns amber after some time to let you know it needs to be cleaned. There are two methods for cleaning the light; one is to use a long-handled brush, whereas the other is to use a vacuum cleaner. The first method uses a long-handled brush and some window cleaner, and the second requires a vacuum cleaner with no attachments.

If a Goodman Furnace shows an amber light, the unit has lost its power and needs to be turned off and toggled.

Amber lights are typically on the unit or the side panel near an electrical outlet.

The amber light on the goodman furnace indicates that the furnace is out of order.

If this light is on, you should call for a professional to come and review the system.

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