Goodman furnace error code E3

Goodman furnaces are one of the most popular products in the market, and a common error code, E3, is seen in these units.

The E3 error code is related to the RPM sensor. It indicates that the RPM sensor’s feedback signal is malfunctioning or not getting detected. The common solution to this problem is resetting the goodman furnace and manually rechecking the error code. If it doesn’t show up again, it must be because of a temporary issue with the temperature sensors or power supply.

If you encounter an E3 error code on your Goodman furnace, it is a likely sign that your unit has an issue with the gas valve. This guide will help you locate and replace the gas valve in your Goodman furnace if this is the case.

The first thing to do when you experience an E3 error code is to turn off all power sources to your furnace, including the electricity. Once it has been turned off, there will be no danger of shock or electrocution. Next, use a ladder to climb up and go into your attic space or crawlspace and try to find any tubing that runs from the furnace down into the home. You will want to follow this tube until you find a gas valve. When you find it, shut off the gas valve by turning it counterclockwise for about four turns until it does not move anymore.

The Goodman model E3 Error Code is a code that is stored when there has been an interruption of power for an extended duration.

If this error code persists after the power has been restored, the furnace should be inspected and repaired by a professional.

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