Goodman furnace flame sensor

Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor is an important part of the typical gas furnace that detects the flame to provide power.

The Goodman furnace flame sensor detects the flame and provides power to operate the fan and ventilator. It also protects against carbon monoxide back drafting into the house with a pilot-less ignition system.

The Goodman Part #GFF-1 Flame Sensor replaces the old flame detector. It’s a little less expensive and much more accurate.

The problem with the old burner-type flame detectors is that they are not very accurate and don’t require any adjustment over time to maintain accuracy. In addition, these detectors are not very well suited for natural gas furnaces or when there is no pilot light on the furnace.

The Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor is a safety device which senses the presence of flame to activate the gas valve and shut off the gas supply.

The installer should also check for proper sensor installation, which can be done by checking for wiring continuity and amperage when power is supplied.

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