Goodman furnace gas valve

The Goodman Furnace Gas Valve is an important part of your furnace, and it sends gas to the burners in order to generate heat. If you’re having problems with the valve, be sure to call a professional like American Gas Services right away.

Goodman is a leading supplier of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and indoor air quality products. Goodman manufactures gas valves for residential furnaces.

The Goodman gas valve comprises two brass discs that are held securely together with a union nut to form a chamber between them. When the lever on the outside of the body is turned, it pushes on the shaft inside, causing an opening in the upper disc to allow airflow into and out of the chamber depending on which way it turns: clockwise to open an intake port by pushing inward; counterclockwise to close it again and exhaust gases out.

This valve combusts gas and forces it through a furnace’s pilot flame.

This valve is not used in water heaters, though sometimes people will refer to this product as an “of the water heating” or “a burner”.

This valve is only found on furnaces and can be categorized as one of the most important safety features that exist on these units.

The Goodman furnace gas valve is located at the base of the unit’s vent pipe, and there should be a clear path all the way from this point to where it exits outside of your home.

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