Goodman furnace ignitor glows no flame.

Goodman furnaces use an igniter to light heating units to generate heat.

The troubleshooting process varies depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing. For example, if the furnace is not turning on, you may need a professional to investigate your circuit breaker for tripped, blown, or loose wires. If the ignitor glows, but there is no flame – this may indicate some blockage in the fuel line or inlet/outlet ports following an obstruction like a clogged nozzle.

The thermocouple is likely defective when the ignitor glows but has no flame.

The primary function of the ignitor assembly is to ignite the gas when the thermostat turns on the gas valve. When this system is working correctly, and it can be seen glowing before any flame emerges from your burner, if you look closely at the end of your ignitor, you should see a small hole or opening that allows you to see if there’s gas coming through.

If your Goodman furnace’s ignitor glows but there is no flame, you’ll want to make sure the following conditions are met:

The air filter is clean and in good condition

The outdoor unit and the indoor unit are connected properly to the exhaust pipe system

The thermostat for the indoor unit is set to “ON.”

The gas pressure at the gas valve is not too low

There is enough primary air (outside of the furnace) for combustion inside


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