Goodman furnace keeps cycling

A furnace cycling on and off can be a serious problem if not addressed promptly. Cycling can lead to wasted fuel and, even worse – carbon monoxide.

If you have a goodman furnace that keeps cycling, the first step is to examine the heat exchanger. Suppose it is dirty or damaged, then find out how to replace it. Next, check the pilot flame adjustment if needed. Suppose your furnace still cycles on and off. In that case, you will need to evacuate the system, which could mean opening a window for some time or calling in a professional from goodman’s heating company who knows how to get rid of dangerous carbon monoxide gas from the air conditioning system vents in your home.

The most likely cause for this is a bad thermostat. Install a temperature limiter or thermostat on your furnace to limit the temperature that the unit will cycle on.

A furnace cycles because it needs time to heat up and cool down. If the thermostat is set too high, it will cycle continuously, and if too low, it will not turn on at all.

Goodman furnaces are not uncommon in homes across the country. If a goodman furnace keeps cycling, it may be time to replace the heat exchanger.

If you have noticed that your Goodman furnace has been cycling and not blowing cold air, or if it sounds like a jet engine is taking off, it is possible that your heat exchanger needs to be replaced. When you hear this sound coming from the furnace, you should call for professional help quickly because the situation can become dangerous and lead to a fire.

The heat exchanger should be replaced as soon as possible if it is found to be defective or damaged in any way because Goodman furnaces have been known to explode when they malfunction.

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