Goodman furnace keeps locking out

Goodman furnaces are a popular and affordable choice for many homeowners in the U.S. The Goodman furnace troubleshooting guide provides help for solving common furnace problems.

The first step in troubleshooting a goodman furnace is to determine if your issue is with the thermostat, the control board, or the ignition assembly. If your issue stems from any other furnace part, it will not be solved by following this troubleshooting guide.

Like most furnaces, a Goodman furnace is internally wired with a series of safety switches that help prevent accidental shut-offs during normal use. These safety switches are built into every Goodman gas or oil-fired model, and they’re designed to shut down the power before flames can be extinguished completely while also preventing carbon monoxide from building up inside your home.

If your Goodman furnace is locked out, performing the following troubleshooting steps can help. If you can still not be sure what the problem is, call a professional to inspect your heating unit.

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