Goodman furnace pilot light location

Goodman furnaces are essential to a household, so it is important that they can function properly. The pilot light location on the furnace will vary depending on the make, model and age of your Goodman unit.

The pilot light is located near or at the bottom of your Goodman furnace. Call your nearest Goodman dealer for service if you cannot locate it and have not tried blowing into the pilot hole.

The goodman furnace pilot light location is easy to find on the back of the appliance and is also visible from the outside. The pilot light is activated by pressing the tab on top of the burner.

Goodman furnaces are known for their excellent engineering and quality performance, but sometimes it may be hard to see where they generate heat while operating.

The pilot light is not the only flame in a gas furnace. The burner will light up when the furnace is running, but sometimes the pilot light doesn’t stay lit, which can be a problem.

If you are experiencing issues with your Pilot Light and cannot locate it, here are some tips on locating the Pilot Ligh.

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