Goodman furnace will not ignite

So, what are the possible causes of a furnace not igniting? The two most common reasons are:

1) improper installation

2) a defective gas valve.

The first step is to check if the boiler is properly installed and that it was done by a qualified professional. If so, then we need to check the gas valve.

A Goodman furnace will not ignite when either its gas valve is defective or there has been an improper installation of the unit.

The Goodman brand has been around for many decades and have built a reputation as a quality product. Naturally, when you see this brand name on the furnace, you will experience some level of confidence in the product.

However, there are times when defects in the production process take place and this is what leads to the Goodman furnace not igniting. If you want to eliminate this problem from happening, then there are some steps that you can take.

Step 1: Check for possible reasons why your gas valve may be malfunctioning

Check for dirt, rust or other obstructions as these can prevent your gas valve from functioning properly. If there is an issue and it can be corrected with a simple fix, then do so from the top of the valve (near where it attaches to the furnace). A dirty valve will not let enough gas through and may need to be unscrewed by hand or using pliers or vice grips. Cleaning with a wire brush to remove any debris

Goodman furnaces are high-efficiency models and are often chosen for their energy efficiency.

This article will cover the common reasons why Goodman furnaces will not ignite, and how to fix them.

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