Goodman hvac unit warranty

Goodmans HVAC units are built to last, and with their warranty offering, you can be sure your investment is secure. Every Goodman unit has a 10-year parts limited warranty and a lifetime compressor limited warranty. This means that you’ll be covered for all parts repair or replacement costs needed over the first ten years of use and for the time needed for repairing or replacing the unit’s compressor following a breakdown. So when looking for reliable and efficient heating and cooling products, you know Goodmans is the brand to trust.

Regarding comfort and reliability in your home, Goodman hvac units are perfect. With its superior products, Goodman provides customers with warranties to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. The company offers different warranties for different types of HVAC units, which cover the parts and functioning of the unit for a certain period. Whether you purchase a Goodman HVAC unit or you need to make a warranty claim, understanding the type of warranty that applies is essential to getting maximum coverage. This article will discuss what is covered under Goodman’s HVAC unit warranty and how it can help keep your unit functioning properly and efficiently.

Goodman is an industry leader in HVAC systems and provides a comprehensive warranty for its customers. The Goodman warranty covers residential heating and cooling systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, condensers and fan coils through both parts and labour. With this unbeatable warranty option from Goodman, customers can rest assured that their home comfort system will be in good hands when the unexpected happens.

The Goodman HVAC unit warranty is one of the most trusted warranties available for home comfort systems. It offers superior protection for many parts of the system, including labour costs for two scheduled maintenance visits per year and coverage for big-ticket items such as heat exchanger replacement should it ever become necessary. By choosing a Goodman HVAC unit with its great suite of coverage included, homeowners can rest easy knowing they have excellent coverage protecting them from foreseeable repair costs or sudden breakdowns of their home’s most important comfort device: their HVAC system.

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