Heil furnace limit switch location

The furnace limit switch is located in the upper right-hand corner of the furnace, close to the top.

The heil furnace limit switch location is on your heating unit’s back (or right side). It should be visible if you remove the protective panel on your unit’s backside.

The Heil limit switch is the thermostat that causes the burner to shut off when the furnace reaches a pre-set temperature.

The location of the Heil limit switch will depend on what type of furnace you have. The most common location for a Heil limit switch is on top of or near your furnace’s blower unit or, in some cases, inside your furnace’s combustion chamber.

The limit switch is located on the right side of the furnace. It can also be found on top of the control panel on most models.

The limit switch has a few functions:

-it monitors the furnace temperature and will shut off power if it gets too hot

-it switches power to the fan

-it turns the power to the blower on or off

-it turns power to burners on or off

To determine the location of the limit switch, it is important to know where the furnace draws in cool air.

The location of the limit switch will vary depending on the type of furnace and heat source.

Natural gas furnaces with a standing pilot are often found near or on the draft hood. If a thermostat-controlled fan blows air through a duct, it will be near or on that fan.